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Discord Rules

Chat Rules

➜ Keep chat tidy and civilized.

➜ No profanity in messages, images and memes.

➜ No advertising other servers.

➜ Be kind to all members. Any form of bullying or unwanted negativity will not be tolerated.

➜ Keep topics related to Minecraft and/or the ArcherMC server. All other conversations may be made in #memes.

➜ Messages on the discord server may be removed at any time if staff believe it is in violation of the chat rules.

➜ Player suggestions that are unrealistic or receive an overwhelming number of dislikes (i.e. a ratio >90% from players) may be removed from the channel by the Administrators.

➜ Do not ask to be staff. You may apply when applications are open at #announcements.

➜ Do not spam the same or similar message and/or emoji multiple times in a short timeframe.

➜ Speculation of a player that may be hacking must not be discussed in any channel. If you would like to report a player or a member of the staff team, please create a ticket at #support or email [email protected]

➜ If you have been temporarily banned from the server, do not ask to be unbanned. You must appeal your ban at

➜ Do not ping the administrators. If you would like to contact staff, please create a support ticket.

Discord Profile Rules

➜ No Inappropriate names or profile pictures.

➜ No alternative accounts.

➜ No Impersonation of another member or staff.

➜ No hate speech in your status.

➜ Make sure you adhere to discord's TOS