Staff Application


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What is your in-game name:Mysticangel98

What is your discord:

How old are you:22

Which timezone do you live in:

How long have you been playing archer
:i have been on Archer since Season 9

How often can you be online:
at least once a day

Do you have any prior staff experience?
If so, what position and for how long: I use to be a mod for a year before the server shut down and i also use to own a server

Have you ever been demoted on another server or here? If so, why?:
No i have not been demoted

Why do you want to be staff?
:id like to become a staff member in the community because I love to support/donate and help members in any way i can. Looking to help moderate chat and the server to keep the community fun and as peaceful as possible. i am active in chat and can help anyone with anything i can to the best of my ability and with in the power i am provided with.

Why should we pick you over someone else?:
I feel like I should picked over someone else because I have experience being staff for a prison server as a dev. I have also ran my own minecraft server for a few months before i had to shut it down due to not having the funds to keep it up and running.

If accepted, you are willing to commit some of your free time to moderating the server
. Yes of course

If accepted, you will do your best to help players in need and when in doubt, will ask higher ranked staff members for help
. Yes

If accepted, you will keep staff conversations private. This means that you will not talk about anything mentioned in the staff chats with anyone that is not staff


Upon applying for Helper you agree not to speak about your application to staff members or in game. This includes but is not limited to asking people to read your application or rate it.


Have you read and do you understand the rules and their punishments?
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I really appreciate your interest in becoming a staff at Archer Network, but this however is a very short staff application and I advise you to add more detail to the application, perhaps give us more reasons why you want to be staff and the "why should we pick you over someone else" section, as I believe those two parts should be the most detailed. Other than that, best of luck!