How to make a proper application for staff


Jr. Manager
Considering applying for staff on ArcherMC? Here are some tips and rules you should follow for a better chance at getting staff!

Being Active

The minimum requirements for being staff is Z rank ingame aswell as 24 Hours playtime. But when you want to apply for staff, you want to be known in the community! Making friends and being active will result in more people recognizing you when you apply, giving you better results

Past Staff Experience

Obviously this isnt a requirement, but it always helps to have past staff experience! It shows that you have responsibility, even if the server is very small! If you want to get some easy staff experience, a great place to start is Minehut! Many servers with 10-20 players active are looking for staff members and it always helps to have staff exp. on your staff resume / application! (p.s Please dont lie about being staff on servers, its very easy to check, and also listing the server you were staff on helps prove the legitimacy of your claim of being staff on a server)


Having good organization and coloring on a staff application is critical to being accepted, the more professional a staff application looks the better! using nice colors and bolding your work really makes you stand out from other applicants, and boosts your chances of getting staff!


Everyone has flaws! and that's ok, be honest in your application! If you have anxiety or freak out in stressful situations, let people know in the application. We need to know this information so if something happens in the future during your trial period that we understand if there's something you need help with. And be truthful about your skills, if you know how to find clients with ScreenShare, then list that, but don't say you can if you cant, because more chances then none you will be tested with these skills and if you don't have them you will look bad.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! I hope it helps with your future staff applications and increases your chances of getting staff! Bye!