bamwhatboy's Application


New member
What is your in-game name: bamwhatboy

What is your discord: Sloan#8750

How old are you: 16

Which timezone do you live in: Eastern

How long have you been playing archer: I have been playing Archer upon release which Ben can verify

How often can you be online: Being 16 I still have school so during the school year Monday-Friday I can be only 4-6 hours and on weekends 8 hours + and during the summer I am usually online 10 + hours a day

Do you have any prior staff experience? If so, what position and for how long: Although I've played Minecraft for 6 years I've only been staff twice on one server I was helper and then promoted to mod I was staff for 6 months but I have lots of Minecraft experience. My only other staffing experience is my old server I used to own but I sadly didn't have the time to keep it running and had to shut it down.

Have you ever been demoted on another server or here? If so, why?: No I have not
Why do you want to be staff?: I think why being out going, helpful, and fun I think I can bring a lot to this server. I am very well known on the server never being banned, muted or in trouble by staff. I have the qualities needed for staff and I think I have what it takes to be a great staff. Besides me thinking I have what it takes I love to support the community doing that by donating playing fun games hosting events and any other way to keep the community involved and having fun because they are what keeps the server running.

Why should we pick you over someone else?: I think while being very competitive ,active , known and much experience I think I can keep the server running smoothly and I can keep the people playing and the chats clean and keep having fun. I have also donated close to $40 to this server for ranks keys etc showing im dedicated to this server. My personality is exactly what a staff member should have and I think its important in a staff member. I can talk to people when they are having a rough day I can interact give away and keep the chat involved and I can also have a good time while doing it. I think I should be picked over other staff members because I can get people on get results make the server better and I can really show great results in the server. As shown above I have owned a server in the past and I know how to keep a community involved and want to keep logging back on everyday and I have the personality and tools to do so if I am selected for staff.

If accepted, you are willing to commit some of your free time to moderating the server.
Yes all my free time goes towards this server and I will spend even more time to moderate it.
If accepted, you will do your best to help players in need and when in doubt, will ask higher ranked staff members for help.
Yes always
If accepted, you will keep staff conversations private. This means that you will not talk about anything mentioned in the staff chats with anyone that is not staff
Upon applying for Helper you agree not to speak about your application to staff members or in game. This includes but is not limited to asking people to read your application or rate it.
  • No
Have you read and do you understand the rules and their punishments?
Yes I know all the commands rules how long certain things are such as bans mutes punishments etc.

Thank you for reading my application accepted or not I appreciate your time and thoughts.