11001010 mute appeal


New member
My ign: 11001010
how long ago: 7/16
permanently muted
why should we revoke this punishment?:
Hello, im here regarding my mute a month ago and i would like to appeal for this, at the time one of the mods(Reclad) was online and i had said "Hyperlore is up, join ppl" i didnt have the intent to advertise and this was before i became a helper on hyperlore. i had no intent to advertise but all evdidence has it that i advertised. i was also informed by reclad that they might think about unmuting me in a few weeks and that is why i am making this appeal. I am sorry for what i have done and i have learned to think before speaking/chatting. i also want to see what my tags look like in chat lol

I agree that I am appealing for myself and not someone else as that would result in an instant deny?