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Okay so I am going to start out with the ideas that I have for the Minecraft server, Discord Server, and Fourms, for the 7 or so months that I have been playing Archer I have had a really fun time but there has been some things that I have always wanted but I never thought it would really get put into it, but I am going to just go all out right now.

✧Minecraft Server

I am not sure if this is actually possible but the slabs that are the border of your plot I would like to have a option for your plot of which slab you would like, for instance say I have a Stone Brick castle plot and I would like to have the border of my plot match I could make it a Stone Brick Slab border, I think that this is one of the small things that could really do something cool for the server and make a lot of the plot builders really happy. Second I would like to have more ways to get +1 plots, I know that you are able to get just one extra plot and then merge it, but I would like to see many other ways to get +1 plots, I know some players are going to say stuff like what if someone has a 10x10 plot well don't worry there would be a max to the plot sizes and it will be a 2x2 plot, it is not too big and not too small and its big enough to do some crazy cool builds on it. Third of what I would like to be added is to have the plots go even deeper, some people that I know that are really good at building make crazy underground builds that go deep as hell and looks really cool, for some people they can make some amazing stuff if the plots went maybe 20 blocks deeper.

Since there is a lot of the player base that PvPs on Archer I would like to see a couple things be added to make some more players be added. First when you can pick what you would like to do in duels there are a ton of options, like Combo for example it doesn't work and I would love to see all of the modes in duels actually be balanced and work, I know Ben said that he does not want this to be a Practice server but think about it, if you have tons of Practice pvpers on that server it will make it get bigger because they will end up bringing their friends to duel. Second in Warp PvP there should be KOTH, it would be another way to make PvP a little bit more fun and will can give crazy good loot like for example Prot 85 armor, Sharp 85 swords, omegas, Archer Loot Crates, and money, this will have tons of good pvpers make gangs and all that kind of stuff and all fight, this could also be cool for some of the Youtubers that play and will give them some cool content and then bring players like some highlights from KOTH. Third of what I would like to see is 2v2 duels, I have been always wanting this for like 6 months because there are a lot of people that place big bets during 2v2s but then it has to happen in warp pvp, but sometimes people jump in during it and ruin it, this could be a really fun part of duels and pvp in general.

There are a ton of event ideas that I have for Archer, I know on a rare occasion there is a big arena fight but what I wanna see is that it happens like once every week (one for EU time and one for NA time so its good for time zones) this could add a ton of comp to the server because the reward from winning them is crazy and its a ton of fun. Another event idea I have is having Sumo events, I think that sumo is a ton of fun and if you host a event like once a week and the winner gets 2 omegas or so it would be really fun. Another event is a Spleef Event, on one server I used to play they would host a spleef event every day and the winner would get a cool tag from it (could be any prize though), and it would be a shit ton of fun for the spleef it would be a 50x50 area and have 15 max players, you could change it but its just a idea. Lastly what I think should be added is a 1v1 tournament once a month (once a month because the reward will be massive) but it would be another way to find out who the true best pvper is and when it happens all the good pvpers will get qued up and just keep winning until there is the last 1v1 and see who the winner is.

Coinflip and itemflip

Since a ton of people like to coinflip and itemflip there should be a lottery, I know there used to be one but this time we make it way bigger and the money people put up will be massive, this could be something cool because it will add more to ways of making money and really change up some things. Second there should be a easier way to put up a coinflip, like a command like /cf create 1000000 heads for example, its just one of the small ideas that I have. And for itemflip there should be a cap to how many you could put up, like for example maybe 1 row at most instead of being able to put up 100 dubs if you had that.

✧Discord Server

Discord Moderators
Since the Discord Server for Archer has been getting bigger there should be 1-2 discord moderators to make sure there are not any NSFW pictures being put up/ racial slurs being said. But when it comes to the discord mods they should only have the power to move people/mute/ban/kick, but they need to have a punishment list so they know how long to do punishments for (I can make one if you need). The reason why they only have that certain perms is because we do not want another Putx Discord molestation. But for the discord mods they need to spend atleast 2-3 hours a day watching chat.

For a ton of discord servers there is a way to level up by talking in chat, and with that lets say a level 10 player will have a Level 10 role and then 20 then 30 and so on, this can give players a reason to talk in the discord for a prize. And then the highest level person will have a special role called Most Talkative. For the second idea with roles there should be roles for all the donators, like Demon, Hellion ect, there is only Donator and Archer God, it will just be some more cool things for the discord server in my opinion.

One thing that most discord server have is some fun bots, im going to add a link for every bot that I think that should be added and explain what they do. Please take some of these pots in consideration (some of these you may have I have not checked). This is dank memer, it has a ton of cool things that it can do it has a cool currency system, it also has come cool things like pls howgay, pls slap then say discord ign, and just a ton of cool things. This is idle miner and it also has a cool currency system, I do not use this but I know you can upgrade your pick then backpack and just keep on getting richer. I heard its a lot of fun. This is akinator, we all know what this guy is, what he it does is that you start a game with him and he tries to guess the Character, Person, game, whatever it is and he asks 50 questions then guesses.
These were the bots that I think that should be added.


There is not one catagory I can think about for this because there is not much I think there should be added but what I would like to see is a thing called top 5 posters and will make a lot of people want to comment and just get into using fourms. There should also be a way to costumize your profile more and just make it a lot more cool.

This fucking took me a hour to make please comment on your thoughts and tell me if these are any good ideas Ben please consider these.



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- I never said this: Ben said that he does not want this to be a Practice server but think about it,
10% of Archer is a practice server
some kits are under work.

- No one breaks rules in our discord while getting away with it. NSFW is moderated by discord other is by dyno.\

- There are no roles for each donator rank because we aren't gay & like to keep the member list simple.

- For the forums everything with the profile is customizable.

- Akinator is a boring bot, people only use it on the website, the other bot you recommended was already used on archer once most people didn't understand it.
dank member is already a thing

- There is already a cap for 5 items on itemflip

- Already a easy command to create coinflips?! /cf create <amount> <currency>

- Events are already a thing. /event host crates are being re-worked

- YOur plot suggestion is already a thing /p merge multiple plots aren't added yet due to crates recode.

It looks like you copy-pasted this 50% of the features are already a thing.

so apart from all that crap these are your suggestions:

- mee6 level up roles
- 2v2 pvp
- koth in pvp
- changeable plot slabs in a gui
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