Omxgas Staff Application v3

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(im aware of have an application in pending but it has been a month and needs updating)
What is your in-game name: Omxgablxck_YT

What is your discord: Omxga#0001

How old are you: 15

Which timezone do you live in: Mountain Time

How long have you been playing archer: 6 Months

How often can you be online: 4-6 Hours A Day and 8-10 On Weekends

Do you have any prior staff experience? If so, what position and for how long:

On I Was Mod For 2 Months Aswell As Being Trial-Helper On Archer.

Have you ever been demoted on another server or here? If so, why?:

I was demoted for inactivity on Archer due to an Injury.

Why do you want to be staff?:

I have been playing on archer for around 6 months now, I have gained a lot of knowledge on the server, and I would love to help the player base on archer be less toxic, more active, and friendlier. I see a great community around archer and if given the chance, would love the experience and Maturity from being on a large server.

Why should we pick you over someone else?:

As I have mentioned before I have been on archer for 6 months, as well as being trial staff, I have memorized all staff commands, and by watching in chat the punishment times. I am a fast typer, I have extensive knowledge of WorldEdit, and I have a great sense of humor. My friends would probably vouch for me in saying I am not Toxic, I am a good person, and trustworthy. I have also helper PlayerFile patch numerous bugs, such as Strength 2 Pots, Shulker duping (well, kinda) Obtaining Illegal Items In Creative Mode (chorus fruit, shulkers, plants) And help test things for the server (such as commands, bugs, etc) I help players whenever I can, and I have some ScreenSharing skills aswell. I will admit I can be a little immature sometimes, but when it comes to responsibility I can be trusted.

If accepted, you are willing to commit some of your free time to moderating the server.

Yes I am.

If accepted, you will do your best to help players in need and when in doubt, will ask higher ranked staff members for help.

I do.

If accepted, you will keep staff conversations private. This means that you will not talk about anything mentioned in the staff chats with anyone that is not staff

  • Yes
Upon applying for Helper you agree not to speak about your application to staff members or in game. This includes but is not limited to asking people to read your application or rate it.
  • Yes
Have you read and do you understand the rules and their punishments?

I have and i understand

Proof Of Worldedit / Terraforming Skills
Screenshot (672).png
(wip build)
cube_98.png -Omxga
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