noah for staff!!!

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What is your in-game name: my in game is NoahTheGoat433
What is your discord: my discord name is biggie cheese#2426
How old are you: i am 15 year's old
Which timezone do you live in: my timezone is est
How long have you been playing archer: i have been playing archer for about 2-3 months on this server
How often can you be online: at most i can be on for 7 hours a day but at the least, I can be on for about 2 hours and if i get staff i will be sure to put more time in

Do you have any prior staff experience? If so, what position and for how long: I have been a helper on ultra and an other server which id rather not talk about the experience on the other server but otherwise I did pretty good on ultra I was staff for 3 weeks and I was one of the best staff on there but I resigned after tree made icy prisons and because I was playing too much archer and I was going to be let off so I had to.
Have you ever been demoted on another server or here? If so, why?: i have not been demoted on any server and I'm not looking forward to being demoted and I will try my best not to be demoted.
Why do you want to be staff?:I have many experiences of helping and growing a server and trying to help the community I have a lot of time on my hands and I would like to look forward to using my time to help others and help the community and I would love to grow the server and I have seen the growth on this server and I would love to make sure the community feels safe and nice and to help the people who don't understand the rules I don't want people to feel like using chat is just unsafe I want people to feel free to chat and to know that I won't let anyone get bullied in chat or anyone will get killed by hackers I want the server to feel like a better and safer server for all players
Why should we pick you over someone else?: I feel like I am mature enough to understand the problems and the rules of the server i am a honest person And I would like to help the staff with their problems and i would be the most active as i can be and the most helpful i have a lot of experience with hackers and people who abuse the chat.

If accepted, you are willing to commit some of your free time to moderating the server. i am most defiantly willing to commit my free time to this server and i would feel honerd to contribute to the community and help the server and to be known for something i would love to commit most of my time or even all of my time to this server and would love to help.

If accepted, you will do your best to help players in need and when in doubt, will ask higher ranked staff members for help. yes I will help as many players in need in fact all players in need that need me to help them and when i don't understand something or if I need help I will ask the higher staff members to help me with problems or even exitay to help me with my troubles If accepted, you will keep staff conversations private. This means that you will not talk about anything mentioned in the staff chats with anyone that is not staff

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Upon applying for Helper you agree not to speak about your application to staff members or in game. This includes but is not limited to asking people to read your application or rate it.

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I think you need more detail and the "Why do you want to be staff?" is confusing because it blends in and you cant see the question and answer, but other than that the app is looking cool.

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