New Command Prefix's

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So basically these are my ideas for command prefix's, or another way to go to a warp / do a command.
/duel (duel type) player name
/event host (event name)
add the prefix "e" so like 1e12 (ex. 1e12 = 1 trillion, 1 as the 1 and e[number] as the amount of 0's after)
add starter axe to kit starter
/kit hell
/kit night
/if create 1-5 (itemflips 1-5 axes automatically)
bring back /if claim it was super useful tbh

Will update if i get more ideas


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if claim was removed due to everyone not liking it. however we added protection for when you're in events or playing stuff like itemflips ect.
if create 1-5 is not possible since what item? there are not only axes, useless suggestion.
no aliases won't be created for kits.
??? /blocks is already a thing.
starter axe isn't in starter kit because axes are bought from /ts.

"/duel <player> <kit>" is already a thing?!?!?!?!?!?!?
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