1. Heatheperson

    Clapann's Staff Application

    Denied. Not enough effort.
  2. Heatheperson

    Tree's Staff app

    More detail!
  3. Heatheperson

    Slymes' Staff Application

    Denied due to not being mature enough.
  4. Heatheperson

    LMod's Staff Application

    Add more detail in the next 24 hours. If you don't, you will be denied.
  5. Heatheperson

    Ban Appeal

    Whats ur discord?
  6. Heatheperson

    Ban Appeal

    You were banned due to refusal, not reports.
  7. Heatheperson

    [Kuhnya's Application]

    Refer to Other Application
  8. Heatheperson

    [Kuhnya's Application "The sequel"]

    You joined 4 days ago, not the minimum time.
  9. Heatheperson

    Staff Appeal - DevilByGod

    Denied, Copying applications and not minimum age. Re-apply in 2 weeks.
  10. Heatheperson

    Ban Appeal

    We have seen your ban appeal. At this time you are staying banned. You may now buy an unban or wait until next reset.
  11. Heatheperson

    ban appeal

    Talk to @Niek. If he has no proof, you will be unbanned. On the contrary, if the proof shown is valid, you will stay banned.
  12. Heatheperson

    cheeses_crust1 staff app

    Not enough effort.
  13. Heatheperson

    How to make a proper application for staff

    Re-implement interviews to test someone's maturity????
  14. Heatheperson

    Tree's Staff app

    Tree, You're going to have to redo this app. More than 1/2 of it is copied off your old application.
  15. Heatheperson

    Ofc, im banned

    You are banned for 7 days. I checked the ban and you were banned by the owner due to anticheat logs. At this time, you are staying banned. Please wait out the time for ban. Good day, Heatheperson
  16. Heatheperson

    Permanently muted since almost 6 months

    You were muted at the following time and for the following reason: When was the punishment issued: January 11, 2021 Punishment Reason: Dox threats You were muted for bomb threats but you were unmuted on Jan 9. Then, you got muted perm on Jan 11.
  17. Heatheperson

    cheeses_crust1 staff app

    Denied for not waiting 2 weeks since your last application. Please re-apply in 2 weeks.
  18. Heatheperson

    cheeses_crust1 second staff app

    Denied, Copied Staff Application. (BabyAshhh) Pleace re-apply in 2 weeks.
  19. Heatheperson

    cheeses_crust1 staff application

    Not enough effort & Not following format.
  20. Heatheperson

    CuteO_O's Staff application

    if you agree to being a perm-helper ur 100% accepted.